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(Apr 04, 2020)
Belated shout out as an apology to Comm for my comments. Specifically that there haven't been enough of them. All that is about to change. MWAHAMWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
(Jan 01, 2020)
Greetings and happy new yr. My new yrs resolution is to try and get back into the game after 3 yrs...if I can remember my username and password that is :)
(Mar 21, 2019)
Hi all thank you for the invite to site hope to get in guild online soon and start doing runs w you all
(Jul 23, 2016)
Wanted to let everyone know that I am doing well from my more surgery my ac joint..already had 11 surgery' off that hit me got 75 years and his cousin got 30.I am also looking g for a great show for level 4..ty
(May 28, 2016)
Saturday Evening Raid cancelled. Dog got run over.
(Mar 11, 2016)
Comm Easter????? 😄
(Jan 20, 2016)
(Jul 04, 2015)
US bacon found on Salisbury plain. Borders closed to keep Abub out!
(Apr 05, 2015)
Happy Easter to all who celebrate!
(Oct 29, 2014)
Thank you Moulinet, it helped hugely! :D
(Oct 28, 2014)
Hope that mail helps flesh out the shiny new Airship a little ;)
(Oct 28, 2014)
Heehee! Maybe it was cause I screwed up those annoying Captcha codes :P
(Oct 28, 2014)
Ahh the default Shoutbox doesnt snyc amungst Tyrs Chapters. We'll have a solution within 24 hours.
(Oct 28, 2014)
Ok for now... we're going to have to use the default Shoutbox until I can figure out what's wrong with CBox.
(Oct 01, 2014)
Dance2 :-)
(Sep 26, 2014)
(Sep 26, 2014)
Testing 1 2 3 /dance
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