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Guild Rules

1. No drama. If you are found intentionally creating or maintaining conflict or discomfort between players, you will be removed. However, reporting a problem is not drama.

2. Only guild leadership can remove players from the guild. If there is an issue, bring it to your leaders.

3. Please use one of your character names or your @handle as your Tyrs forum name. Current members, please do not change your name.

4. Please post an intro in the Roster and Recruitment section of this website, and add your characters to the Roster.

5. Please post your birthdays on this site, just so we can embarrass you with big birthday announcements. :D

6. Be courteous and respectful. This costs you nothing and goes a long way.

7. Religion/Politics: Please avoid these topics in general chat and guild chat, as they can cause unnecessary conflict.

8. YOU DO NOT LEAVE PEOPLE BEHIND! That means 'no zerging', whether we're exploring areas or doing a structured mission. We run at the pace of the slowest person in the party. We support and encourage beginners.

9. Guild comes first. If you’re assembling a party, ask your guildies if they want to join in before soliciting other party members.

10. We do not exploit the game! If you are caught intentionally cheating, you will be removed from the guild.

11. NO DISCRIMINATION! As a non-biased guild, Tyrs Paladium is committed to being a safe, welcoming space for all players. If you act or speak in a way that demeans or diminishes other people, you will be removed. This includes, but is not limited to, disrespect based on race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, age, or disability.

12. If you have to log off or leave your keyboard while in a party, please clearly communicate this to other party members. This is a matter of respect and courtesy. Remember that your actions reflect on the guild as a whole, especially in PUGs (pick-up groups).

Neverwinter only - This includes RQ (Random Queue). Going AFK in Random/PUG because a vote does not go your way is rude and a violation.

13. Do your best to be active in the guild community. You do not have to participate in everything, but please look for ways to contribute, in guild chat, on the website, and by participating in events when possible.

ESO Only: Please add 'Pineapple' to your Guild Finder application to show you have read the rules here on the website and will abide by them. Thanks :)

14. Real life comes first.

15. We at Tyrs Paladium take pride in our dedication to be inclusive of all types of gamers, regardless of ability. We have many members who are able to play and enjoy the game in spite of physical, cognitive and communication impairment. Please keep this in mind when playing. You never know who is behind the character you are talking to or playing with in game. We are proud supporters of the Able Gamers Foundation.

16. This website and any third party voice chat channels are extensions of the guild. All rules apply here, in all chat forums, and in game.

17. Insubordination will NOT be tolerated. Joking/goofing around is OK, but once it goes past a certain point, it will not be tolerated. Malicious or disrespectful treatment of other players (including criticism based on their game knowledge or skill level) is unacceptable.

18. Please use appropriate names. Some very vulgar and offensive things will get through the name filter. They will not be tolerated in Tyrs.

19. Dual/Multi-boxing (playing two accounts simultaneously and potentially hindering a group effort) is not permitted, unless the group knows you are doing this and approves. You may be logged on to multiple accounts if a group effort is not affected and game rules are not being broken.

20. Last but not least, HAVE FUN!!!!

To the great adventures ahead,

Commodore & Paks
Tyrs Paladium Guild Founders

A. Rules for all War Room event participants

1. Sign up for quests and raids in the War Room. Getting into a group will be first come/first serve with exceptions for specifically needed classes.

2. Each raid/party leader may have additional rules and procedures in place for their specific event.

3. Be on time. As a general rule, please arrive 15 minutes before the raid. Let raid leader know or post on forum as early as possible if your schedule changes.

4. Be prepared. In DDO for example, Items that may be needed for raids include: remove curse-disease-blindness-fear-paralysis, lesser restoration, healing, haste, jump, and underwater action. Specific items may be posted by the raid leader in the War Room.

5. Maintain a positive and helpful attitude at all times. Do not argue with raid leaders in party chat during a raid. If you feel there is an unresolved problem bring it to the raid leader's attention after the raid; if needed, bring it to the attention of a guild officer and lastly to the guild leadership. Negative feedback is important and valued. However, it needs to be communicated privately and only to the guild officers or guild leadership.

6. Never criticize or blame a guild member (in public or private) for failing at any task or causing a raid to fail. This includes criticizing someones choices made on build strategy or gear selection.

B. Rules for raid leaders (in addition to the above)

1. When posting your raid in the War Room , please allow enough time for members to sign up and get into raids. Five to seven days is highly recommended.

2. Be prepared to explain (or have another delegated ahead of time) the current strategy for success in the raid.

3. Never criticize or blame a raid member (in public or private) for failing at any task or causing a raid to fail. Correct and explain as necessary, but maintain a positive tone at all times. If someone caused the raid to fail through extreme negligence or malice, please contact Paks or Commodore, the guild leadership.

C. General Rules

1. The raid leader is not responsible for the success of the raid; only the organization and a good-faith effort in explaining the strategy.

2. Be patient and forgiving. Real life happens and people are late or can't show. People make mistakes and raids fail. Guildies are more important than the raid outcome, always.

D. Raid Loot Rules (all bound items from chests)

1. The raid loot that falls for you is yours. If you can use it in any way, you should take it. If it did not fall for you, it is not yours, even if you could use it more. Do not be jealous of others' raid loot.

2. If you do not need an item and would like to give it away, you put the item up for a roll. Anyone who can use the item can then roll on the item.

3. DDO Only: If the raid is not entirely Tyrs members, such as when Fellowship alliance members are in party, all participants should be able to roll on items. You cannot restrict the roll to just Tyrs members. The guests in the Tyrs raid helped beat the raid and deserve a fair shot at the loot.

4. DDO Only: Any unbound items are yours to do what you will: take it, sell it, give it, let others roll on it, whatever.

E. Etiquette

1. Please do not talk over instructions or questions asked about strategy. Do not derail the conversation if it involves details necessary for the raid to be successful.

2. DDO Only: If you put an item up for roll, do it one at a time to prevent confusion, so people are not rolling on items they don't need or want.

3. DDO Only: Never pressure anyone about raid loot.

All Guild Rules are subject to review and approval by Tyrs Paladium guild founders Paks or Commodore before posting and implementation.