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CONGRATS to Jcleaver, Jeighsin, Lazumi, Shockly, Anti, Zhricon and Redlilly!

Commodore / Feb 20, 2018

Have you ever wanted a Lord of the Rings themed wedding? Well, no need to get married... you get the Nine Ring Wraiths for free in Tyrs Paladium! :)~~

With our fearless leaders Vile and Lyllith taking a much needed brake in game to focus on RL, we have promoted.. seven, YES SEVEN fearless loyal guildies to help Tyrs Paladium carry on our traditions.

Jcleaver, Jeighsin, Lazumi, Shockly, Anti, Zhricon and Redlilly join Vile and Lyllith.

I have enjoyed getting to know them all on the forum and recently live on Teamspeak. Our ESO Tyrs guildies could not possibly be in better hands than this group.

Let it be recognized that Vile and Lyllith have both done a tremendous job taking the guild from zero to what we are today. Without their talented and relentless leadership, Tyrs Paladium ESO Chapter would have long folded. A special thank you to you BOTH!!

The future looks bright in ESO. Congrats all!!!



Grats to the ESO Seven! These were great choices, and are very deserving of this honor. I'm a noob, and have asked more than my fair share of dumb questions here and in-game. What has been such a pleasant surprise, I've had the opportunity to interact with nearly all of them in various guild events and in chat, and they've always been helpful and encouraging! I truly appreciate their willingness to interact and teach the mechanics of the dungeons. This is a great guild, I'm grateful to be a part of it. These seven exemplify what I have experienced as the Tyrs Spirit!

I also note the strong family resemblance in the photo. 😄
Absolutely fantastic!! Congratulations to all of you for this truly momentous occasion! That is one awesome wedding photo. Vile and Lyllith - enjoy your time together! It is true, that VileDeeds and Lyllith saved the ESO Guild from doom and I have the utmost faith in the newly minted seven that the Guild shall not falter even a step and will remain glorious.

I raise my glass of Blackberry wine to The Seven!
Thank you Vindikator! Its the ultimate in satisfaction to hear our members pay a compliment like that. We are adults who do this for fun. We are very, very fortunate in this guild to have come across so many good folk.
Looking forward to seeing an active guild and events. Running dungeons/pledges, and hopefully trials!
Lyllith and myself are still leaders, we wanted to reduce our load and share responsibilities with a great group of guildies that I'm happy to say are our friends. We have come to trust them and love having them as the Tyrs ESO leadership Council.
Too many chiefs and not enough Indians! (old saying at work).

Nice to see that happen. I already got a ton of help from most of these guys and that's without the pay raise! 😋
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