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Happy 12th Anniversary Dungeons & Dragons Online!

by Commodore on Feb 23, 2018 at 01:42 PM}

The Anniversary Dungeon is now available! Now through March 11th.

1. The Harbor master is in front of the door leading to the kobold section of the dungeon. That door is between the rest and resurrection shrines. The shrines are located: As you enter the party, turn sharply left.

2. It has stars like the challenges do to award materials (party favors). 5 stars at 5 CRs above your level will award 8 party favors. 5 stars at 5 CRs below your level will award nothing. However, unlike challenges, it's not timed and does not have the clause "If everyone leaves the challenge, the challenge fails". It also does not lock behind after 3 minutes.
So, you can go in, take your time exploring and talking to people and things and finding exciting stuff. Kill the devs to get stars. Find the source of the kobold menace to actually complete the challenge. If you die, it's no big deal. Just release and come back before 5 minutes have passed. The challenge will still be active for you. The same holds for the night revels challenges (and they don't charge an extra key to re-enter).

P.S. I recommend taking your time to speak (multiple times) to the NPCs in there. Quite funny.

Anniversary Giveaways!

Commemorative Stormreach D12 (100): Teleport to Marketplace

Purple Kobold Shaman Certificate (100): Pet

Sentient Jewel of the Kobold (250): Sentient Jewel

The Mother Board (10/20/40/60/80/100): Tower Shield (Bashing; Bludgeoning; Ghost Touch; Impact; Purple Slot)

Flaming Forum Post (10/20/40/60/80/100): Club (Combustion; Fire Lore; Insightful Evocation Focus; Wizardry; Purple Slot)

Icy Forum Post (as above but cold)

Shocking Forum Post (as above but electricity)

Caustic Forum Post (as above but acid)

Necrotic Forum Post (as above but necrotic)

The Banhammer (40): War Hammer (Improved Vorpal; Improved Banishing; Improved Smiting; Improved Disruption; Anchoring; Red Slot)

Rose Colored Glasses (10): Echos of 2006: Take a trip into the past!

Steel's Eternal Flask of Super Bold Blend Coffee (80): +100 Festive Bonus to Unconsciousness Range; +10 Festive Intimidate; +10 Festive Tumble; +75 Festive Hate; +5 Festive Fortitude Save; 90 seconds; 90 second cooldown

Steel'e Eternal Flask of Soothing Happy Calm Times Coffee (80): +10 Festive Diplomacy; +10 Festive +10 Festive Listen; -75% Festive Hate; +5 Festive Will Saves; 90 seconds; 90 seconds cooldown


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