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Join Tyrs Paladium on TWITTER! Lets go get Colbert & Cooper while we're at it! ;)

by Commodore on Feb 12, 2018 at 08:31 PM}
For anyone who didn't know, we have a well read Twitter account. Why not join in the hijinx?

Today, I decided to send over a guild invite to Steven Colbert and Anderson Cooper! :) (All based on a thread started by guildie Tairn where he informed us that .)

So help us make some noise and link up to us on TWITTER and RETWEET!


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Ahkima Tal
Well, I hate to admit this, but I guess I'm falling a little behind the "times", as I'm having great difficulty keeping up with all the new social media, such as Twitter, Discord, etc. I don't find it difficult to follow a few GW2 players on Twitch, as that is pretty easy to sign up for and just click on the stream you want to watch (easy as watching TV I guess), but I have to admit that I am lost when it comes to Discord and Twitter. I miss the days when Teamspeak was the most used comms voice software for group content in GW2 guilds. It was a lot simpler IMHO, and also uses less bandwidth, which is important for rural residents like me, that have ISP's that are limited in what they can provide. I'm actually thinking of adding Starlink to my existing Internet service, plus a software program that can combine two different ISP's, to provide a more robust and reliable Internet service. Going to be expensive to have two ISP's in this rural area though, so the wife is not going to like the extra $99 a month, plus the $499 start up cost.
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