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Discuss Topics for November's Golden Dragon Newsletter!

by Commodore on Sep 29, 2017 at 05:50 AM}

Howdy Guildies!

It's time to plan our November Golden Dragon newsletter. We haven't crafted a newsletter since April due to lack of time, so now it's back to work! The current plan is to try to churn a newsletter out a month, based on our guild's exploits of the past 30 days.

One topic I'd like to discus is the definition of a casual MMO gamer. In the article I'll discus the Tyrs rendition of the modern day casual gamer.

I'd also like to discuss our new plans for the Tyrs Fellowship. One goal is to find out the current representatives of each guild, be it guild leader or chosen representative, and to meet once a month on the Tyrs Airship Deck for a meeting!

I'm looking for some more topics. Any requests or ideas!?


I'd gladly contribute - I think theres no more casual gamer than me :D
Just hit me an pm if you want something :)
an article on leading from the front might be an idea. Lots of posts in the main ddo forums about lack of parties, but many folks only sem keen to join rather than lead and still seem to think that only vets can / should lead parties.Something about how to put together parties, build on team strengths and make sure everyone has a good time, even down to the little things, liking making sure everyone stays within the map window - if you cant see the leader in it your too far from the party.
and of course, if your looking for volunteers, I know a halfling that could tell a few good tales every month about her amazing static group (which by a merry co-incidence happens to contain everyone favourite drow ;)) I'm sure drav would make a great monthly addition (tales from the dark side !)
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