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Lurlann achieves Tyrs High Council

by Commodore on Sep 28, 2017 at 09:40 PM}

Paks and Commodore are proud to welcome Lurlann into the highest rank we can grant a Tyrs Paladium guildie, a position never before granted to a non guild leader of Tyrs Paladium.

The Tyrs High Council consists of guild founders Paks and Commodore, and now Lurlann.

Lurlann has been instrumental as a behind-the-scenes think tank and we highly respect her opinion on many matters related to the present and future of Tyrs Paladium. Her loyalty and insight to the survival and betterment of our guild and the Tyrs Way is unquestionable and impeccable. Tyrs Guild Leaders, Officers and members of all four chapters, feel free to bounce ideas off of her as well.

Lurlann primarily plays DDO, so much of her expertise and insight has been within those "four walls".
In her new role, she effectively joins Paks and I in the Tyrs High Council, and is our behind-the-scenes guru for DDO and her ideas may eventually carry over to Tyrs Paladium as a whole. Congrats Lurlann and thank you for your dedication!!


<- kneels and kisses Lurl's hand.

My lady, a lock of your hair?
Sings and dances around Lurlann all the while pelting her with daisies and capering like a madman.
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