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by Commodore on May 01, 2018 at 04:00 AM
How some guilds experience camaraderie:

How members of Tyrs Paladium experience camaraderie:

We are the PARTY PEOPLE!

Are you part of a small guild, a formally grand guild that sadly has decayed over the years, or a gigantic guild that NEVER GROUPS TOGETHER?

Tyrs Paladium is designed from the ground up to PARTY TOGETHER. Everyone gets to know everybody in Tyrs. That was and always WILL BE our prime objective. 10 Years Strong. And STILL GROUPING.

by Commodore on Feb 23, 2018 at 01:42 PM

The Anniversary Dungeon is now available! Now through March 11th.

1. The Harbor master is in front of the door leading to the kobold section of the dungeon. That door is between the rest and resurrection shrines. The shrines are located: As you enter the party, turn sharply left.

2. It has stars like the challenges do to award materials (party favors). 5 stars at 5 CRs above your level will award 8 party favors. 5 stars at 5 CRs below your level will award nothing. However, unlike challenges, it's not timed and does not have the clause "If everyone leaves the challenge, the challenge fails". It also does not lock behind after 3 minutes.
So, you can go in, take your time exploring and talking to people and things and finding exciting stuff. Kill the devs to get stars. Find the source of the kobold menace to actually complete the challenge. If you die, it's no big deal. Just release and come back before 5 minutes have passed. The challenge will still be active for you. The same holds for the night revels challenges (and they don't charge an extra key to re-enter).

P.S. I recommend taking your time to speak (multiple times) to the NPCs in there. Quite funny.

Anniversary Giveaways!

Commemorative Stormreach D12 (100): Teleport to Marketplace

Purple Kobold Shaman Certificate (100): Pet

Sentient Jewel of the Kobold (250): Sentient Jewel

The Mother Board (10/20/40/60/80/100): Tower Shield (Bashing; Bludgeoning; Ghost Touch; Impact; Purple Slot)

Flaming Forum Post (10/20/40/60/80/100): Club (Combustion; Fire Lore; Insightful Evocation Focus; Wizardry; Purple Slot)

Icy Forum Post (as above but cold)

Shocking Forum Post (as above but electricity)

Caustic Forum Post (as above but acid)

Necrotic Forum Post (as above but necrotic)

The Banhammer (40): War Hammer (Improved Vorpal; Improved Banishing; Improved Smiting; Improved Disruption; Anchoring; Red Slot)

Rose Colored Glasses (10): Echos of 2006: Take a trip into the past!

Steel's Eternal Flask of Super Bold Blend Coffee (80): +100 Festive Bonus to Unconsciousness Range; +10 Festive Intimidate; +10 Festive Tumble; +75 Festive Hate; +5 Festive Fortitude Save; 90 seconds; 90 second cooldown

Steel'e Eternal Flask of Soothing Happy Calm Times Coffee (80): +10 Festive Diplomacy; +10 Festive +10 Festive Listen; -75% Festive Hate; +5 Festive Will Saves; 90 seconds; 90 seconds cooldown
by Commodore on Feb 19, 2018 at 07:40 PM

A major revamp on druids is in progress! This our working plan at the moment.


1. Animal forms will now use the stats of the player's main hand weapon for melee attack purposes, such as Base Damage, Critical Multiplier, Critical Range, all Enchantments, Material traits, procs, etc. The issue with the power level of certain effects not scaling will be resolved by this as well.

Somewhat hand-wavy Lore Explanation: The weapon is used as the magical source to enchant and create the properties of the claw or tooth of the druid. It's it works that way....yeah...

Design Explanation: We want druid's melee attack progression to scale with loot normally so the druid's melee attack progression is easier to balance going forward.

Primal Avatar will be given some kind of damage boost to maintain its hard-hitting style with this change. It will also get Cleave animations to fix a bug with Cleave attacks caused by lack of animations.

2. Existing combat style bugs are being fixed.

No combat style specific bonuses will function while in animal forms aside from Natural Fighting, and any bonuses native to the form (no duel wielding, glancing blows or single weapon attack speed).

Using a two-handed weapon still grants the 1.5 damage from your modifying stat, and Power Attack feat adjustments in animal form as well, for its additional bonus.

Attacks that require a specific weapon to be held in your hand will still not work in animal form (cause you don't have hands!)

3. Wolf form attack animations are being adjusted.

We are reducing the Basic Wolf Form attack speed bonus to 15%. Winter wolf remains about the same speed at 30%. We are also fixing some flaky behavior in the attack chain.

4. The Bear attack animation chain will be improved to make its attack rate match other weapon styles.

This will result in an approximate 15% increase in attack speed.

5. Bear & Dire Bear form's AC bonus is now typed Exceptional.

Improved Mage Armor will also be typed Exceptional.

6. Water and Fire Elemental form will now grant 65% Absorption to their element, instead of Damage Reduction, and 15% Vulnerability to their opposite element.

The bonus will not stack with Fire Shields or Energy Sheath.

7. Existing Enhancement Trees revamped and new tree "Nature's Protector" added. - Found below in this thread:

8. Specific Spell Changes:

Reincarnate's casting time and cool down will be put on par with Raise Dead.

Baiting Bite bluff skill check will use the player's spot score instead of their bluff skill, wisdom bonus applies of course.

Call Lightning Storm and Storm of Vengeance will have their damage progressions and values change to be an X per caster level to better benefit from increasing in caster level and max caster level effects.

Call Lightning Storm now does 1d10 every 2 druid levels, max 15.

Storm of Vengeance's Acid damage now scales at d8 per 3 druid levels, and its lightning damage 1d10 every 2 druid levels. Max of 25. Duration is 30 seconds. (duration will not scale with level, which didn't work anyway)

Rising Fury's cooldown will be reduced to 30 seconds and the extend meta magic will work on it. (new)

Produce Flame Projectile speed is being increased (new)

Creeping cold and Greater creeping cold will now stack with each other when cast by other druids (two can each have their own copy on a target now)

(New additions to come) Anger of the Noon Day Sun, Elemental Toughness and Fires of Purity are under review to be improved.

9. Cosmetic Changes: (new)

These may come AFTER the pass, time permitting. This is stretch goal stuff.
Either or some combination of new Wolf & Bear forms Appearances or dyes.
Nature’s Veil: A Toggle Feat that suppressed the texture swap used for fire/water elemental forms but keeps the vfxs.

10. Removing pets damaging the druid/artificers on death (new)

We’re going to be cutting the death penalty for pets and are discussing give a few more pet rez charges at certain levels. The arty enhancement that touches this will be reworked to something else.

11. Natural Fighting Feats will be revamped, more details to come.

Note: Druid pets will be reworked in a separate pass with Artificer pets.




1. Nature's Warrior: every point spent in tree gives 1 hp, and every CORE; gives 1 sneak attack die in wolf form, and +1 base melee damage while in all animal forms

2. Natural Senses: Your attacks penetrate 10% of your enemies fortification, +3 to listen, spot and search

3. Nature's Bounty: While in animal form, the cooldown penalty for non-animal form spells is reduced from 2.5 times the usual length to 2.0. Does not stack with Nature’s Protector cores.

4. Nature's Hunter: In wolf or bear form you gain a +1 competency bonus to crit damage multiplier on your weapon. Requires a weapon to be equipped.

5. Howling Frost: Casting Howl of Terror now grants you "Winter Hunt" for 10 seconds which grants +10 double strike and, 25% bonus to spell crit and 50% to spell crit damage to all cold damage spells. This will only occur once every 30 seconds.

6. Avatar of the Hunter: You have mastered the art of wielding divine magic in animal form, and using it to empower your body in physical combat. While in animal form, the cooldown penalty for non-animal form spells is reduced from 2.5 times the usual length to 1.5. Does not stack with Nature’s Protector cores.

Passive: +2 strength and wisdom and +10 to double strike and physical resistance


Nature's Empathy: 3/3, increases use of animal empathy, 5/10/15 increase to positive spell power. AP COST: 1

Snapping Jaws: Whenever you bluff or use an ability that triggers a bluff check such as baiting bite your target is debuffed losing -2 AC and you gain a stack of "Snapping jaws" for +2 AC for 15 seconds. Stacks 1/2/3 times. AP COST: 1

Take Down: Increase trip DCs by 1/2/3, AP COST: 1

Bestial Nature: Increase reflex fort saves by 1/2 (no longer a toggle) AP COST: 1

Athletic Hunter: Bonus to move silent,hide, jump and swim, tier 3 grants one charge of wild empathy 1/2/3 AP COST: 1


Flight: Gain an uncapped dodge bonus of 20% for 10/20/30 seconds, costs 1 wild empathy to activate, 30 second cooldown. AP COST: 1

Improved Dodge: +1/2/3 Dodge. AP COST: 1

Ghost Wolf: Requires wolf form. Activate, gain 50% incorpreal defense for 30 seconds, cooldown 5 minutes. Passive: Gain ghost touch while in wolf form to your melee attacks AP COST: 2

Prey on the Weak: 8/15% Damage Bonus against helpless targets AP COST: 1

Action Boost: Double Strike: Activate to gain a +[10/20/30]% action boost bonus to Doublestrike for 20 seconds. AP COST: 1


Fight: increase melee damage and AC, 1, 2, 3 in wolf or bear forms AP COST: 1 (requires: flight)

Brother Wolf: While your wolf pet is alive and within 40 meters it gains 5/10/15 hps every 12/9/6 seconds and 10/15/20 mrr & prr and you gain 1/2/3 to hit and damage AP COST: 1

Stalking Prey: Staying in stealth gains you a damage bonus to critical hit damage (before weapon multipliers) every 3 seconds. Effect lasts for 10 seconds and can stack up to 3 times. or a total of +[3/6/9]. AP COST: 1

Essence of Nature: If you score a crit hit in melee you are granted 10/20 temp spell points for 8 seconds. Your pet has a 10% chance to proc this on its base attacks. Passive: + 5 Positive SP/10 AP COST: 1

Strength or Wisdom AP: 2 (new)


Fatal Harry: Killing an opponent grants a +3 moral bonus to double strike bonus for 12 seconds. Can stack up to 1/2/3 times. Weaker opponents may not trigger this effect. AP COST:1 (new replaced stand your ground)

Four Legs Good: You become immune to most knock down effects in animal forms AP COST: 2

Ferocity: You gain +2/4/6 melee power in bear or wolf form. This bonus is doubled when under the effects of true rage (rage that prevents spell casting) AP COST: 1

Great White Wolf: +10/20/30 cold spell power, while in winter wolf form you gain 10/20/30% cold absorption. AP COST: 1

Strength or Wisdom AP: 2 (new)


Alpha Strike: AOE Melee Attack - Requires animal form: You fight for leadership of the pack. Area damage melee attack dealing +2[W]/+3[W]/+5[W]. This attack can doublestrike. On targets above 85% health it reduces their attack, range and spellpower by 25 for 15 seconds. Activation Cost: 12/9/6 sp, Coodown: 18/15/12. AP COST: 1 (requires: fight)

Nature’s Swiftness: Wolf forms gain evasion. Armor restrictions apply. AP COST: 2

Throat Rip: Requires wolf form, Stealth Melee Attack. +6 sneak dice, On Sneak attacks: Against living targets silences target for 15 seconds on Fort save 10 + Druid level + Wisdom negates and inflicts a bleed that causes 6d6 damage every 2 seconds for 12 seconds. Bleed Scales with melee power. Against bosses the silence is replaced with a 25 pt spell power debuff. 15 Second cool down. AP COST: 2

Jaws of the Great White Wolf: The spell Jaws of Ice now grants gain temporary hps equal to 10 times your character level. AP COST: 2

Strength or Wisdom AP: 2

NATURE'S PROTECTOR - new bear tree!


1. Nature's Protector: +2 hp for every point spent in the tree, and 3 MRR for every core in the tree.

2. Nature's Defense: Defensive Combat Stance +8 phy and magic resistance while any wildshape forms. Cannot be active with other defensive stances but can be used while raging. (new – elemental forms can now use it the base version and vase upgrades)

3. Magical Beast: Gain heavy armor prof. In addition while in animal form, the cooldown penalty for non-animal form spells is reduced from 2.5 times the usual length to 2.0. Does not stack with Nature's Warrior Cores.

4. Big Claws: Adds Great Maul to your spell book. This is a version of the maul spell with the same cost and stats but stuns instead of causing a bleed on it. Shares cool down with maul. Stun DC: 10 + Druid level + Wisdom + Stun Modifiers.

5. Big Bear: The Tremor spell now deals 5-8 blunt damage per druid level in addition to it's knock down effect. This damage scales with melee power.

6. The Great Bear: Your attack speed in bear form is increased by 10% combat style bonus.
+4 str, +4 con.
While in animal form, the cooldown penalty for non-animal form spells is reduced from 2.5 times the usual length to 1.5. Does not stack with Nature’s Warrior Cores (new – mirror spell casting benefit from wolf tree and updated stats.


Rage of the Beast: Activate to rage gaining +4 strength and Con, +2 will saves, -2 ac for 40 seconds, but disallowing the casting of magic. Requires bear or wolf form. This ability shares cool down and charges with Barbarian class rage. Effects that modify barbarian rage also effect Rage of the Beast and using it counts as a use of barbarian rage and vice versa. Effect persists through shape changes Can be used 1/2 per rest. AP COST: 1

Fey’s Blessing: Gain +2/4/6 MRR AP COST: 1

Improved Nature's Defense: Competence bonus to one of three, Increase Threat by 50/100/150%, PRR MRR 4/8/12, Saving Throws by 1/2/3 AP COST: 1

Bloody Claws: Using Maul grants a stack of "Killer instincts" granting +1 damage for 15 seconds. Stacks 1/2/3. AP COST: 1

Animal Brutality: Gain a +1/2/3 bonus to intimidate, swim, jump AP COST: 1


Primal Beast: Gain an additional +1/2/4 strength when raging in animal form. At Rank 3 Gain one more use of rage. AP COST: 1 Requires Rage of the Beast

Thick Hide: Nature Armor Bonus 2/4/6 AP COST: 1

Improved Nature's Defense: Competence bonus to one of three, Increase Threat by 50/100/150%, PRR MRR 4/8/12, Saving Throws by 1/2/3 AP COST: 1

Sharp Bloody Claws: Shred now also applies killer instinct AP COST: 1

Defense Boost: Action boost grants 5/10/15 ac 7/12/20 mrr for 20 seconds. 30 second cool down. AP COST: 1


Undying Beast: While raging in animal form you gain immunity to death effects and energy drain. Gains one more use of rage. AP COST: 2 Requires: Primal Beast

Spirit Refreshed: When shape shifting forms below 33% health you heal to full and cure all fatigue. This benefit can only occur once every 3 minutes. AP COST: 2 (new – applies to all forms now)

Improved Nature's Defense: Competence bonus to one of three, Increase Threat by 50/100/150%, PRR MRR 4/8/12, Saving Throws by 1/2/3 AP COST: 1

Ursa Protector: While in bear form nature's defense now does one of these, +2/4/6 con, +3/6/9 MRR, +15/20/25 % to max hp AP COST: 1

Strength OR Wisdom AP COST: 2


Enduring Beast: while raging Increase healing amp by 10/20 in any animal forms. At rank 2 gain one more use of rage. AP COST: 1 Requires: Undying Beast

Spirit Renewed: When shifting forms below 33% health you heal to full and benefit from a restore spell. This can now occur once every 2 minute. Still removes fatigue. AP COST: 2 Requires: Spirit refreshed

Savage Roar: Using the Roar spell with 1 stack of killer instinct active now triggers a burst of sonic damage around the druid for 1d3 per rank of wilderness lore. Scales with melee power. If you have 2 stacks it also stuns at DC: Wilderness Rank + Strength Mod At 3 stacks the damage is 1d10 per rank of wilderness lore and stuns. AP: 2

Ursa Protector: While in bear form nature's defense now does one of these, +2/4/6 con, +3/6/9 MRR, +15/20/25 % to max hp AP COST: 1

Strength OR Wisdom AP COST: 2


Beast unleashed: Gain one additional uses of Rage of the Best per rest. While raging you gain 15% double strike. and while in bear form 50% increase in threat generation and 15% bonus to your armor class. AP COST: 2
Requires Enduring Beast

Spirit Bear Charge: Requires bear form Charge forward inflicting +3W and knocking down enemies, reflex save vs DC 19 + Wis + Trip Bonuses. 15 second cooldown. AP COST: 2

Lightning strikes the Mountain: Activating calls down a bolt of lightning that strikes the druid granting a 100% bonus to threat and MRR for 15 second. 20 MRR / 40 MRR in nature’s protector stance. Nearby enemies take 1d8 in lightning damage per wilderness lore rank. Scales with melee power. SP Cost: 15. 30 Second cooldown. (new – Replaced/Improved Great roar)

Ursa's Protector: While in bear form nature's defense now does one of these, +2/4/6 con, +3/6/9 MRR, +15/20/25 % to max hp AP COST: 1

Force of Nature: You gain 10/15/20% resistance against force damage and 2/4/6 con. AP COST: 1



1. Child of Summer: You gain the ability Child of Summer: Activate to grant +5 Spellpower when casting fire, force, light, sonic and positive spells. This seasonal Spellpower is multiplied by one for every Core enhancement possessed in Season's Herald (starting with this one), up to +30 when you have all six Enhancements. Lasts until death or change of season. Fire Elemental form changes you into this season automatically.

Passive: +1 Universal Spellpower per AP spent in this tree.

2. Child of Winter: You gain Child of Winter: Activate to gain +5 Spellpower when casting water, acid, earth and electric spells per core in this tree. Lasts until death or season change. Water elemental form changes you into this season automatically.

Passive: +1 caster levels to spells in your active season.

3. Nature's Wellspring: The effects of your shillelagh are doubled. +1 max caster level in your active season

4. Sun Burst: Gain Sun Burst as an SLA, SP: 4, Cooldown: 20 seconds (new – lowered cooldown)

5. The Storm of Change: Gain Storm of Vengeance as an SLA, SP 20 cost. 2 minute cool down.

6. Hierophant: You are wise and skilled in the art of wielding divine magic to summon aid and change the world around you. +4 Wisdom +4 Con +10 Universal spell power. Your Conjuration and Evocation spells gain +1 DC, +2 caster level and +2 max caster level. (new – increased wis/con bonus)


Beguile: Whenever you attack or cast a spell on an enemy, there is a 50% chance to Beguile an affected enemy [1/0-2/0-3] times for [3/0-6/0-9] seconds. Beguile: -2% attack speed, -2 Spellpower. Beguile stacks up to 25 times, and one stack fades every few seconds. Up to one enemy affected each second (by up to [1/2/3] stacks). Does not affect bosses. AP COST: 1

Shared Spirit: Your wolf pet gains 3/6/10% bonus to hps. Passive: You gain 1/2/3 spell power. AP COST: 1

Wax and Wane: +2% critical chance with spells associated with your current season.
Winter: Acid, Cold, Electric, Earth, and Water
Summer: Fire, Force, Light, Positive, Force and Sonic

Produce Flame: Spell Like Ability: Produce Flame. Cost: 6/5/3, Cooldown: 10/6/4 AP COST: 1 (new – lowered cooldown)

Druidic Wisdom: Gain a +1/2/3 to heal, spellcraft and diplomancy skills. AP COST: 1


Efficient MetaMagic: Reduce the cost of a meta magic, empower, enlarge, maximize, quicken AP COST: 2

Efficient MetaMagic: Reduce the cost of a meta magic, empower, enlarge, maximize, quicken AP COST: 2

Wax and Wane: +2% critical chance with spells associated with your current season.
Winter: Acid, Cold, Electric, Earth, and Water
Summer: Fire, Light, Force, Positive, Force and Sonic
Requires previous tier.

Creeping Cold: Spell Like Ability: Creeping Cold (Cost: [6/5/3] SP. Cooldown: [12/10/8] seconds) AP COST: 1 Requires produce flame

Action Boost: Spell Power: Action boost grants 10/20/30 spell power for 20 seconds. 30 second cool down. AP COST: 1


Autumn Leaves: Toggle ability: Leaves always seem to blow around the druid. Grants feather fall, +2 dodge and 5% proc chance on anyone hitting you in melee to be knocked down by a blast of air. Costs: 15 SP Lasts until death or toggled off AP COST: 1

Efficient Heighten AP COST: 2

Wax and Wane: +2% critical chance with spells associated with your current season.
Winter: Acid, Cold, Electric, Earth, and Water
Summer: Fire, Force, Light, Positive, Force and Sonic
Requires previous tier

Call Lightning: Spell Like Ability: Call Lightning (Cost: [10/8/6] SP. Cooldown: [12/8/6] seconds) AP COST: 1 Requires: Creeping cold (new - lowered cooldown)

Wisdom +1 AP COST: 2


Spring Resurgence: Fill an ally with the vitality of spring. When that ally falls below 50% hit points, that ally and any other allies near him are healed by 20d6
positive energy, and receive a +2 primal bonus to attack rolls. (Lasts 5 minutes or until triggered.) (Activation Cost: [8/6/4] Spell Points.)
Cooldown: [8/4/2] seconds) AP COST: 1 (new – lowered cooldown to make buffing party easier)

Strength of the Solstice: +1 to the save DC's of your Evocation and Conjuration spells AP COST: 2

Wax and Wane: +2% critical chance with spells associated with your current season.
Winter: Acid, Cold, Electric, Earth, and Water
Summer: Fire, Force, Light, Positive, and Sonic

Salt Ray: Spell Like Ability: Salt Ray (Cost: [12/10/8] SP. Cooldown: [12/10/8] seconds) AP COST: 1

Wisdom +1 AP COST: 2


Crown of Summer: A target of your choice is filled with the light and vitality of summer. That target gains a 15% enhancement bonus to Healing Amplification, and 10 melee power and 5 ranged power. (Activation Cost: 1 Spell Point. Cooldown: 6 seconds) Only one target can have the crown at a time. AP COST: 1

Master of the Elements: Gain 5/10/15 spell power in your season. Passive rank 3: If the character has 17 druid levels they gain anger of the noonday sun or mantle of icy when changing in the appropriate elemental form. This effect costs 8 spells points when it occurs.

Time and Time again: increase your caster level and max caster level by +1 AP COST: 2

Word of Balance: Spell Like Ability: Word of Balance (Cost: [12/9/6] SP. Cooldown: [20/15/10] seconds) AP COST: 1 Requires: Salt Ray (will fix bug with this spell getting blocked by spell resistance)

Armor of Winter: Gain 8 times your wisdom in temporary Hit points that lasts 60 seconds. (Cooldown: 30 seconds, Sp Cost: 12) AP COST: 2 (new – moved spell power and allow it to work in any elemental form/season)
by Commodore on Feb 12, 2018 at 06:54 PM
For anyone who didn't know, we have a well read Twitter account. Why not join in the hijinx?

Today, I decided to send over a guild invite to Steven Colbert and Anderson Cooper! :) (All based on a thread started by guildie Tairn where he informed us that .)

So help us make some noise and link up to us on TWITTER and RETWEET!

by Commodore on Feb 04, 2018 at 02:50 PM


Our first year as Standing Stone Games is behind us, and we want to thank our fans for being part of a wonderful year. We feel truly fortunate to have wonderful players, and we are excited for the upcoming year. I wanted to take some time to talk about our plans for the upcoming months. The reason we are here is because YOU are here, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Update 38 will arrive this Spring, and will return adventurers to Eberron. The magic that has long protected Stormreach is failing, and a strange plague is sweeping through the city. You'll join forces with the healers of House Jorasco to find a cure and save your adopted home. This new adventure pack will be level 14 on Heroic difficulty, and level 31 on Legendary difficulty. Part of this work will allow us to tweak House Jorasco as well, to help players get around the space.

We will also be doing a bit of work on the Anniversary Event, including some new event rewards, as we celebrate DDO's 12th year! We will have a special gift for players as well, but do not want to spoil the surprise.

One of the things we have long heard from you about is the desire to have a third Artificer Enhancement tree, and we're pleased to be able to say that the Renegade Mastermaker will be coming in the near future. This tree will focus on improving your Repair spells, Curative Admixtures, personal Defense, and building things to buff both yourself and your allies. We also intend to add a third Favored Soul tree, update the Cleric Warpriest, and do extensive work on the Druid class. For Druid, we will be working on the core of the class, its animal forms, and both of its existing enhancement trees in addition to a brand new enhancement tree.

Another thing we have long wanted to do is update our Treasure of Crystal Cove event, and we intend to start doing that work in the coming months by updating the reward list. Speaking of events, we have plans for Night Revels to update the public space to work similar to the Challenge system its dungeons use, and add a new dungeon for our favorite Halloween event. October is historically one of our biggest months, and we think you'll love what we have in store.

Next, we are pleased to announce our next classic adventure! An eccentric wizard has hidden three famous Sentient weapons inside of a volcano, and challenged all comers to try to retrieve them. Can you make it through fiendish obstacles and deadly traps? Have you guessed the pack yet? It's White Plume Mountain, a classic 1979 dungeon that was also recently brought to 5th Edition in the Tales from the Yawning Portal book. We'll be giving this intense test of skill the DDO treatment later this summer in an adventure pack that will also feature several other stand-alone dungeons themed around wizards and their arcane environments.

We are happy with the feedback we received about Sentient Weapons with the release of Mists of Ravenloft, and plan to continue to support that system in 2018. In addition to the Sentient Weapons available in White Plume Mountain, we intend to add a Kobold-themed Sentient Jewel for our 12th Anniversary, and create a Dragon-themed jewel for an as-yet unannounced release date.

We have another big announcement to make later this year, but we're not ready to hint about that news yet, sorry. Stay tuned soon for an announcement about an adventure that has been on many of our players' wish lists for years. We can't wait to tell you about it!

On behalf of everyone on the Dungeons & Dragons Online team, we thank you for your support. We've been humbled by the response to the Mists of Ravenloft, and we look forward to continuing our amazing tabletop-to-screen journey with you in 2018 and beyond!

by Commodore on Jan 09, 2018 at 11:20 AM


For guildies new to us in 2018... it's all very easy and will allow you to sign up for guild runs in the WAR ROOM WITH THE CHARACTER YOU WANT TO BRING! COOL STUFF!!!


1. Guildies hired before and after 2017 ---

For those who wish to join Tyrs Paladium, please fill out an application (If you are already a guildie but signed up on TYRSPALADIUM.COM... just create an application here and we'll get you set up).

For guildies hired before 2017, you should already have an active account, so please DO NOT FILL OUT AN APPLICATION! :). Let me know if you forgot your sign on details.

2. Fill out or copy your introduction in the Roster & Recruitment section. VERY IMPORTANT!! Camaraderie is king and they get read daily! :)

3. Add your characters to the roster (Menu option ROSTER). This is a HUGE, UNIQUE feature to ShivTR. No other site or software offers a better ROSTER & RAID SCHEDULING combo. The WAR ROOM is where you'll use the character you've added to sign up for quests and raids. And like the entire site, it works MOBILE TOO!!!

4. LOOK FOR SCHEDULED RUNS IN THE WAR ROOM!!! POST OR SIGN UP AT WILL!!! We recommend posting 4 to 7 days in advance of the run.

5. The Tyrs Fellowship alliance is being restructured to take advantage of today's DDO. We will be adding guilds and they ALL will have access to our alliance website ! Ask in guild chat in game how to sign up to the FELLOWSHIP CHANNEL in game to meet everyone and party!!!
by Commodore on Sep 29, 2017 at 05:50 AM

Howdy Guildies!

It's time to plan our November Golden Dragon newsletter. We haven't crafted a newsletter since April due to lack of time, so now it's back to work! The current plan is to try to churn a newsletter out a month, based on our guild's exploits of the past 30 days.

One topic I'd like to discus is the definition of a casual MMO gamer. In the article I'll discus the Tyrs rendition of the modern day casual gamer.

I'd also like to discuss our new plans for the Tyrs Fellowship. One goal is to find out the current representatives of each guild, be it guild leader or chosen representative, and to meet once a month on the Tyrs Airship Deck for a meeting!

I'm looking for some more topics. Any requests or ideas!?
by Commodore on Sep 29, 2017 at 05:43 AM

Adding characters is easy.

There are two ways to add your characters, and we kindly ask you to add your characters to the Tyrs Roster and keep them up to date as often as possible.

Guildies will read this information, and perhaps ask you to run with them. In addition, you can sign up for guild activities in the War Room... quests, raids, meetings and events this way!

1. Click ROSTER on the main menu.

2. Access the Add Character option.

by Commodore on Sep 28, 2017 at 09:40 PM

Paks and Commodore are proud to welcome Lurlann into the highest rank we can grant a Tyrs Paladium guildie, a position never before granted to a non guild leader of Tyrs Paladium.

The Tyrs High Council consists of guild founders Paks and Commodore, and now Lurlann.

Lurlann has been instrumental as a behind-the-scenes think tank and we highly respect her opinion on many matters related to the present and future of Tyrs Paladium. Her loyalty and insight to the survival and betterment of our guild and the Tyrs Way is unquestionable and impeccable. Tyrs Guild Leaders, Officers and members of all four chapters, feel free to bounce ideas off of her as well.

Lurlann primarily plays DDO, so much of her expertise and insight has been within those "four walls".
In her new role, she effectively joins Paks and I in the Tyrs High Council, and is our behind-the-scenes guru for DDO and her ideas may eventually carry over to Tyrs Paladium as a whole. Congrats Lurlann and thank you for your dedication!!
by Commodore on Dec 08, 2014 at 08:33 PM
Check out our NEW YouTube video to see how EASY it is to sign up for Tyrs Paladium!

1. Apply to the Tyrs website. Click Apply in the top right corner of the website. Fill out the application. Check back OFTEN as recruitment officers may have more questions for you, and letting you know that you've been accepted!

2. Add ALL YOUR CHARACTERS to the Tyrs ROSTER (It's in the main menu above!). You'll be using them to join quests and raids via the War Room!

3. Fill out a short bio in the Roster & Recruitment section. There's no better way to break the ice with your new fellow guildies and get into fun groups right away!

by Commodore on Oct 25, 2014 at 02:29 AM
We clearly have a story to tell, and we've always believed we have a great name that represents what we stand for as a guild.

Tyr is the Faerûnian deity of Law and Justice. Since we have been in the position many times in game and on the official forums, to define why we care so much to defend honest play and camaraderie, we have made it our mission to create a family of gamers that can together as a team accomplish ANYTHING the elitist/all raid guilds accomplish, in an environment that's friendly, relaxed, fun and addicting.

Today, we remain one of the largest mid sized, longest lasting guilds in DDO. Why do I say mid sized? Because we have been extremely selective in who we hire. We hire on personality only. Its our guildies that should get the credit for our guild's reputation that they earned. Paks and I were there leading the way in the beginning, and throughout when necessary, but its our guildies today that lead the way. It's because of them why we became successful.

Paladium. The word Paladium is a play on Palladium... which we feel embodies a group of like minded people that come together to relax and have a good time. A Fortress which represents FREEDOM from the typical MMO gamer. And FREEDOM represents what some of our fine guildies have fought for in real life, in uniform. For them, we are truly grateful.

I hope that gives you a decent idea what TYRS PALADIUM is all about.