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EU Timezones Raids and/or Quests

Date: Apr 23, 2022 - switch instance
Time: 11:00 AM
Reoccurs: Weekly
Posted by: Nimrielle
Category: DDO Raid
Alliance Event: Yes
Tank (1)

3. Tabariel Starshine Paladin

Damage (2)

1. enray blacktower Warlock

2. Muraa Eldstorm Sorcerer

Support (0)




I can bring Barb or Artificer depending on need. Also have a Warlock, but that's already covered.

That is, providing it is at 1p.m. my time as per MotD.
What approximate level character would I need to bring?
We're aiming to do legendary raids so between Lvl 27-30?
Nevermind. Time zones is hard, durp. I won't be able to make it at that time.
That's a shame :) sorry for my late response! We'll be around most weekends so give us a shout if you manage to make it or if you see us lurking around during your time zone (we're on quite late on weekends)
We'll be looking to complete a couple of raids that do not require flagging. If we do not get enough sign ups, I'll put up an lfm to fill remaining spaces. Hope that's ok with everyone.

On Legendary Hard or Normal (depending on the raid and balance of classes we end up with in the group)
1. Hound of Xoriat (because it's funny)
2. Vision of Destruction
3. Master Artificer
4. Lord of Blades
5. Killing Time
6. Dryad and Demigod
7. Hunt or Be Hunted

I've got a couple of lvl 26s but nothing higher. One's a FvS so could help with healing but probably not primary heal as it's not set up for that.
Hiya, it should be ok as we're on LH or LN if needed. Also, we can also do quests if you need to level anyone one.
Hmmm, doesn't look like we have any more takers. Maybe better luck next week perhaps? Send /tell on DDO if you wanna join a couple of us running quests :)
I logged on for this but there was no response from anyone in the fellowship channel so I assumed it was a no go.
Oh dear, I'm sorry, I was online at 15:48. I'm not very familiar with the fellowship channel - but go check it out asap.
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