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Date: Sep 03, 2021
Time: 04:30 PM
Posted by: Commodore
Category: DDO Raid
Alliance Event: Yes
Click the video to play! :) !

We're BACK!!!!

Let's get Shroud FLAGGED!!!

Starting Heroic flagging.

NO XP... JUST FUN!!!!!!

How to flag for The Shroud

1. Head to the Tower of the Twelve and talk to Gustavine Kyerrh. He will give you the quest Finding Meridia

2. Either run through the Vale or use a level 3 guild ship navigator to get to Meridia.

3. Talk to Grandmaster Aaseamah Screven to complete finding Meridia.

4. Run the 5 quests out in the Vale and pick up the Shavarath stones from the end chest. Failing to collect the stone will prevent you from flagging. The quest you have to run and the stones you have to collect are:

--- Running with the Devils – Shavarath Stone of Battle
--- Rainbow in the Dark – Shavarath Stone of Foresight
--- Ritual Sacrifice – Shavarath Stone of Might (purple)
--- Let Sleeping Dust Lie – Shavarath Stone of Strategy
--- The Coalescence Chamber – Shavarath Stone of Victory

5. After turning in the 5 quests, talk to Valairea Satnarine to start and complete the greensteel crafting tutorial.

6. Talk to Grandmaster Aaseamah Screven again to pick up the raid.

Tank (0)


Damage (3)

3. Kyrowen Ranger

4. Whoodat Outgo De'Lites Ranger

5. Leerock Jenkins Bard

Support (2)

1. Mississippee Queen Bard

2. Hecksa Rogue