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Vet Aetherian Archive

Date: Jun 26, 2021
Time: 12:00 PM
Posted by: skraelingjar
Category: ESO Activity
Vet Aetherian Archive
12pm eastern

This is an Open Progression group. That means that anyone who meets the requirements or who has prior approval may sign up. We have a hard cap at 2 hours. (all signups are subject to raid lead's approval)

DPS Requirements:

Tank and Healer roles are currently reserved; check the comments in case there is a need for a backup.

Progression: vAA -> vHRC -> vSS -> vCR -> vRG
Tank (2)

8. Brutte Silvermayn Dragonknight

9. Casia the Blighted Necromancer

Damage (6)

1. Kaesh'na Rakar (@skraelingjar) Warden

2. Dar'zakar Abari Nightblade

3. Ly'na Shadewalker Nightblade

5. A-Den Templar

6. Britte Silvermayn Warden

10. Deadly Doc Templar

Support (2)

4. Araitho Templar

7. Wyndwraith (@Tazmyr) Sorcerer



MT: Dancing (Yoln, whatever sounds good)
OT: Scolo, cro (PA, whatever)

H1: Amie (SPC, WR, Sentinel)
H2: Taz (Hollow, Worms, Symphony)

1: Nacht
2: Quirky
3: Hely
4: Guns
5: Clew
6: Skrae
7: Purg
8: Trucker (m)
I would like to join. I can heal (Templar) or DPS (Warden).
Spiral thanks for getting Vet Trials going looking forward to this
Skral hate spell change
I'll sign up as my stamblade for this. Not 100% sure if I'll make it due to it still being a bit early for me. 11AM my time would probably work a little better for me.
I would like to join as Healer, but happy to step aside if others want the role (don't want to be a healer-hog).
You take the role, Taz. I can be backup.
Pretty excited for this! Think I will go with Yolo/Alkosh/Lady Thorn to provide as much pen as possible, but will bring a few others if we need some adjustment. Another option is Drakes/Yolo/Encrati, for fire damage and ulti gen...
I'm guessing this is 50 + only. Is anyone going to steam I might watch along
It's sooty btw
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