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Date: Jun 16, 2021
Time: 09:00 PM
Posted by: Commodore
Category: DDO Raid
Alliance Event: Yes
Some Really cool stuff about the Chronoscope raid:

1. There are a couple of vendors inside of the Rusty Nail, that make it possible to buy Flametouched Iron weapons (Bastard Sword, Battleaxe, Dagger, Greataxe, Greatsword, Heavy Mace, Long Sword, Rapier, Scimitar, Short Sword which can be used for Cannith Crafting, and Arrows and Bolts), Spell Components, Ammunition, Resist Energy Potions (CL:7, 20 points) and repair your gear.

2. Useful item effects: DeathblockIcon tooltip.png, Resist Energies: Acid, Cold, and Fire. You'll want electric too on elite/epic.

3. Useful buffs: Death Ward, Neutralize Poison, Resist Energies: Acid, Cold, and Fire

4. Professor Tremas' name is most likely based on Tremas of Traken, an alternate identity of "The Master", the archenemy of The Doctor in "Dr. Who", a TV show about time travel. Tremas is an anagram of Master.

5. The name of one of the final demons "Tarvis" is very similar to "TARDIS", the time traveling machine of The Doctor in "Dr. Who".
Tank (2)

4. Lemonshots Rogue

6. Tobren theSunrunner Paladin

Damage (5)

1. Whoodat Outgo De'Lites Ranger

3. Tyfany Squirrelbane Sorcerer

5. Smashrockie Barbarian

M. Scaldris Bronzequill Artificer

M. Pms Rogue

Support (1)

2. Illumynite Cleric



have several options available depending on what make the level range, please post a level range so I can get a better handle of what character to bring
have choice of paladins, rangers, artificer, bard, favored soul, fighter (lvls 5-9)
Ditto other comments - What range is this for? Pms may be too low...
All depending on who we got. For this one I was thinking if we can run elite go L7-11...

Heroic Chrono starting on DDO lvls 7-11 --- come on out!!
It was a near disaster, but we prevailed with only a group of 5 to complete a Heroic Chronoscope raid! YEA US!!
This run was amazing. We worked our way through fairly competently, and then when we had the final conjoined Abishai boss down to just under half health, he hit us with a fire attack and his acid cloud. Three of us were instantly dead. Both the melees and an Artificer.

That left Commodore ( Illumynite - Cleric) and Tyfany - Sorcerer. After the shock, the dynamic duo got to work. While constantly on the move, they whittled him down to the tiniest sliver of health but then 5 Bearded Devil Troopers spawned. Things got more hectic and they even killed one of the Devils, but the Conjoined Abishai boss was gaining health.

Comm was working with just wands and pots, and Tyfany told us he used his last SP pot. As his SP ran out, Tyf, wisely, decided not to use his dagger. But alas, the whole was too much. Or so it seemed.

Comm went down but was at zero HP. He revived and hit Tyf with a needed heal. Tyf was silent as we were saying how close we were to succeeding. Then suddenly hope arrived with a sudden flash of blue under Tyf's 1/8 left health bar. Seems he was frantically going through inventory and found a bunch of different SP pots that weren't on his taskbar.

The dynamic duo concentrated on the conjoined Abishai, and like a miracle, it went down fairly quickly and the bearded devils disappeared. The whole group cheered (almost - I was pretty much stunned in disbelief) and we celebrated.

All in all, an excellent run. Never say die! Never give up!

Join us in our next adventure. Guaranteed you will have a blast.
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