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Crystal Desert Bounty Hunt

Deleted 10 months ago
Date: May 29, 2021 - switch instance
Time: 04:00 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly on Saturdays
Posted by: Disa Wyrmhunter
Category: GW2 Event
Let's go kill all the bounties in the Crystal Desert!! One map per weekend - start on saturday at 4pm - it should take approximately 2 hours to get them all done. if we don't finish on saturday, we can on sunday. All of the Path of Fire specializations require at least one of these bounties.

we'll be doing them in this order:
Crystal Oasis
Desert Highlands
Elon Riverlands
The Desolation
Domain of Vabbi

If you haven't been to the Crystal Desert yet, we can do a quick "get there and get your raptor" beforehand at 330pm.


Ahkima Tal
Sorry if I missed seeing it somewhere else on the site, but what time zone are all of the calendar events using? Is this event running at 4pm Eastern time, or Pacific time, or one of the zones in between?
Eastern. All scheduled events are listed in game on the Message of the Day prompt, as well as in the #gw2-war-room of the discord channel.
Ahkima Tal
Thanks Ilsalay,

I'll try to not be too much of a pest, and I'm sure I'll be asking fewer questions, once I figure things out more on this site, as well as visiting the Discord channel and checking the guild message of the day. Seems like I have only had enough time to log in to GW2 and then log back off, over the past week, but I'm working on fixing that and having more time to play soon.
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