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Static Group

Date: Jul 27, 2021 - switch instance
Time: 03:00 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly on Tuesdays
Category: DDO Static Group
Alliance Event: Yes
FYI - This is a group of players, who have been playing together for several years. We'll announce when we have an opening.
Otherwise, if you're looking to join a group, feel free to create one in the War Room.

Reaper Mode
Static Group Members: Level 27
- Zottig, Junomis, Drsplat, Dravylla, Alyssera, and "Rocky"

Today's Quests:
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Making a note: Bo won't be here - will be too busy freezing his arse in doctor's office - Hope that appointment goes well and they get your ankle fixed up.

Do last House D quest and work on House K quests.
Well I've done the last 3BC but not sure which 2 of the first 3 House D quests you did so not done those yet.
The Bargain Bazaar and the Black Loch
Bo - we ran Taming the Flames and Tear of Dhaakhan. Picked up the House K favor for bank slot
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