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Welcome to the Tyrs Warcrier's Lounge!

Commodore / Jan 12, 2019

We'd like to propose an offer to our newest guildies.

If any of our NEW BLOOD is interested in helping us by being a party leader for Trials/World Bosses please hit me or Lazumi up privately via PM!! :) Or just let us know here.

We plan on expanding our activities, so this is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to play an instrumental role in a legendary guild where camaraderie and teamwork are our OXYGEN. I can't think of a better pre-cursor to becoming a Tyrs Officer in the future.

REQUIREMENTS: Leaders will have to truly understand the Tyrs Way. Read our guild rules, and speak to anyone in our Elder Council for tips. Each and every one of our Elder Council members are experts at how to lead groups in a way that's been handed down through the years. THAT's It! Just a passion to play together with your newfound friends and adventurers!!!

TIME COMMITMENT: There ARE NONE. Just your normal playing times, and whatever will work best and makes sense with your RL family schedule.

Just post a run in the Tyrs War Room during your regular playtime. Give guildies some lead time of 3 days to a week to sign up... That's all folks!